Sunday, December 9, 2018


Homeowners Debby and Gary turned their attention to their timeworn kitchen when Debby completed her 40 year in-home daycare career. After four decades of kiddos in the kitchen, Debby wanted to give herself the retirement gift of a culinary remodel. Debby loves to cook. She already had a good work flow in this 1930s cottage kitchen, so the floor plan would stay basically the same.

What Debby really needed was an aesthetic refreshment of the space: a cozy, family-oriented creative space where she could emphasize color, and have more fun cooking in a livelier environment. While she was at it, she could update with all the modern amenities, yet still retain the vintage charm.

Every surface and appliance got an upgrade.

•    Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) floors are easy on the feet and easy to clean.

•    A Miele induction cooktop with pop-up fan practically disappears when not in use, unlike imposing old appliances.

•    Open-faced easy-access shelving unfetters the daily routine.

•    Debby loves her farm sink—this stainless steel option coordinates with both her cottage theme, and her matching stainless fridge, dishwasher, and compactor.

•    Dreams of double ovens for family feasts: check!

•    A barn door replaced the basement swing door, eliminating the old “door dance” in that tight corner.


Despite the existing three modest windows and patio glass door, the room felt a little stifled. A seamless addition of one new window un-crowded the interior air, space, and light. Moreover, what had been isolated windows now join together into a panoramic view.

Most of the kitchen has a dramatic vaulted ceiling with cross beams. But we needed to create interest in a section of low ceiling that connects to the dining room. Traditional tongue-and-groove ceiling planks did the trick.

Debby achieved intense color variety and vibrancy without inducing fatigue. Her sunflowery walls set a bright foundational hue. Her grey cabinets act as a secondary neutral backdrop, with a subtle silver quality, almost glowing. With this prevailing atmosphere, she can now add a multitude of spot color accents, wares and chairs, without appearing cluttered.

Debby was especially looking forward to introducing a bright red antique Chinese armoire, a new focal point that works beautifully with her oriental rug. And she loves using her old patina’d table as her trusty work bench “island”. Like eclectic teacups that come together to make a set, Debby’s mismatched unique furnishings form a cohesive family. Diners can choose a chair to match their character.

Debby and Gary are thrilled to have a unique brand new kitchen that still feels like the original cottage. They are diving into retirement with new cooking adventures and new creativity. Let the baking commence!