Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Outdoor living can be a refined luxury, but so often a deck or fence is relegated to second class. It's time to revamp your outdoor space to premium comfort.

This beautiful Red Miranti Mahogany deck glistens in the rain.

Back Steps 

What a beautiful solution for steps going out onto a patio.

Matched Deck & Railing

We matched the stain on the cedar handrail and stairs to match the Yellow Balau Mahogany deck so that it all flows together visually.

Outdoor Living with African Ipé Deck

This patio decking is African Ipé. It is very strong and hard: so hard that we have to pre-drill all the screw holes. I love the rich rusty brown color of the wide 1 x 6 boards.

We added white columns on the corners and an arbor above to surround the back patio "living room". In the middle of the summer the arbor porvides protection from the hot sun. The owner installed an outdoor natural gas heater so they can enjoy their fabulous lake view all year round.

Finishing Touches
More ideas on how to transform a simple walkway into something very special and inviting.

Arbor & Fence
How about building an arbor along with the water feature to really dress it up?

Easy Maintenance
For those of you who want a low maintenance deck, this is the best looking material that I have seen. It is Timbertech 1 x 6 decking with its companion white handrail.

Synthetic Timbertech Deck & Railing 
To the casual observer, this Timbertech decking looks like cedar, but with none of the upkeep.

Although the initial material and labor investment is more than traditional wood materials, it is a great solution for people who have no time or interest in maintenance.

Mahogany Bench 
Another closeup view of the Red Miranti mahogany.

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